ICRA 2018 Workshop Program

Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments (RT-DUNE)

ICRA 2018 Workshop


Speakers: The workshop format will include morning and afternoon keynote talks by researchers covering topics that are essential for addressing the workshop central topic. Confirmed speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Stephan Williams, University of Sydney
  • Deiter Fox, University of Washington
  • Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
  • Julie Shah, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Posters: During the morning and afternoon sessions, a long (45 minute) poster session will be conducted that will allow authors of selected submissions to present work in this research area, and interact with other researchers and government/industry participants. Selected submissions that are highly relevant to the workshop central theme will be invited to give short (15 minute) oral presentations. See the Call for Contributions.

Panels: At the end of each session will be a panel. The morning panel will consist of members of organizations (government and industry) that sponsor research for attendees to learn from international experts in defining the real-world problems that motivate this work. The afternoon panel will bring together experts in both the problem and solution areas for an open discussion with the attendees to further understanding and discuss future directions.

Schedule (Tentative)

Time Speaker/Event Topic
9:00 Workshop Organizers Welcome and Introduction
9:15 Stefan Williams (U. Sydney) Field Robotics Experimentation
9:45 Selected Abstract 1 Spotlight Talk 1
10:00 Poster Session / Coffee Break  
10:45 Deiter Fox (U. Washington) Vision and Perception
11:15 Government & Industry Panelists Problem Space Panel Discussion
12:15 Lunch Break  
13:15 Vijay Kumar (U. Penn) Research Partnering and Technology Transition
13:45 Invited Speaker Learning and Adaptation
14:15 Julie Shah (MIT) Human-Agent Teaming
14:45 Selected Abstract 2 Spotlight Talk 2
15:00 Selected Abstract 3 Spotlight Talk 3
15:15 Poster Session / Coffee Break  
16:00 Invited Speaker Reasoning and Planning
16:30 Organizers and Selected Panelists Solution Space Panel Discussion
17:30 End